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May 2005
  30th     3km   UK Inter Counties Track & Field Championships  
      50km   103rd Annual Bradford Whit Walk  
 Bradford to Ilkley Lido 
      14 mile   Bradford - Ilkey Lido Open Walk  
 Ashton-under-Lyme, Manchester 
  29th     3km   Northern Veterans AC Track Championships  
 Les Amarreurs, Guernsey 
      10km   Guernsey Handicap Road Walk  
      10km   Race Walk  
 Barnet Copthall, Greater London 
  28th     3km   London Inter-Club Challenge Meeting 2  
 Woodbourn Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire 
  25th     600 metres   Primary School C  
 Birmingham > London 
  24th     145 mile   Grand Union Canal Race  
  23rd     2km   Southern Masters League, Western Division  
 Woodbourn Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire 
      600 metres   Primary School B  
  22nd     5km   North Eastern Counties Track Championships  
 Tamworth, West Midlands 
      10km   Midland Race Walking Championships  
      1km   Midland Race Walking Championships  
      2km   Midland Race Walking Championships  
      3km   Midland Race Walking Championships  
      5km   Midland Race Walking Championships  
 Wanneroo, AUSTRALIA 
      10km   Race Walk  
 Miskolc, HUNGARY 
  21st     10km   European Cup of Race Walking  
      20km   European Cup of Race Walking  
 Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey 
  20th     5km   Guernsey Evening Track Walk  
 TT Access Road, Douglas, Isle of Man 
  19th     1.25km   Manx Harriers Club Walk  
      2.5km   Manx Harriers Club Walk  
      5km   Manx Harriers Club Walk  
 Horspath, Oxford 
  18th     3km   Oxfordshire T&F Championships  
 Woodbourn Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire 
      1km   Sheffield Schools Championships  
 Humberstone Park, Leicester 
  17th     2km   Hewitt Cup Round 2  
 Pingles Stadium, Nuneaton 
  16th     2km   Leicestershire/Warwickshire T&F Championships  
      3km   Leicestershire/Warwickshire T&F Championships  
 Woodbourn Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire 
      600 metres   Primary School A  
 Ashford, Kent 
  15th     3km   Kent T&F Championships  
      2km   Sussex T&F Championships  
      3km   Sussex T&F Championships  
 Cudworth, Yorkshire 
      3km   Yorkshire Championships  
 De Montgeron, FRANCE 
      3km   Meeting National - D1  
 Fulfordgate, York 
      10km   Mark Byrne Open  
 Mayesbrook Park, Dagenham 
      3km   Essex County Championships  
 Monte Gordo, PORTUGAL 
      20km   9th European Veterans Championship  
      30km   9th European Veterans Championship  
 New River Stadium, Haringey, London 
      3km   Middlesex County T&F Championships  
 Newport, Wales 
      1km   East Wales T&F Championships  
      1km   South Wales T&F Championships  
 Costello Stadium Hull, Humberside 
  14th     2km   31st Humberside T&F Championships  
 Costello Stadium, Hull, Humberside 
      3km   31st Humberside T&F Championships  
 Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth 
      2.5km   Hampshire Championships  
      2km   Hampshire Championships  
      3km   Hampshire Championships  
      3km   Worcestershire T&F Championships  
 Monte Gordo, PORTUGAL 
  13th     10km   9th European Veterans Championship  
 Battersea Park, London 
  11th     5 mile   Veterans AC Walk  
 Enfield, Middlesex 
      1km   Enfield League Track Walk  
      3km   Enfield League Track Walk  
 Footes Lane, Guernsey 
      1.5km   Sarnia WC Junior Schools Walk  
 Battersea Park, London 
  9th     2km   Southern Counties Vets AC League  
 Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Enfield, Middlesex 
      2km   Veterans Track Walk  
 Central Park, Dartford 
  8th     1 hour   SRWA Track Walk Championships  
      10 minutes   SRWA Track Walk Championships  
      20 minutes   SRWA Track Walk Championships  
      35 minutes   SRWA Track Walk Championships  
 Delancey Park, Guernsey 
      5km   Sarnia WC Road Walk, Championship Two  
 Ronaldsway Industrial Estate, Isle of Man 
      20km   Manx Racewalking Championships  
      2km   Manx Racewalking Championships  
 Ronaldsway Industrial Estate, Isle of Man  
      5km   Manx Racewalking Championships  
      20km   Race Walk  
 Weert, HOLLAND 
  7th     100 mile   OLAT 100 Miles  
      100km   OLAT 100km  
      24 hour   OLAT 24 Uur  
      50km   OLAT Wandelevenement te Weert  
  3rd     1km   South Yorkshire Schools AA Development  
 Pednor, Hertfordshire 
  2nd     2 mile   Chiltern Harriers AC Walk  
      5 mile   Chiltern Harriers AC Walk  
 Ridlins Track, Stevanage 
      3km   Herts County Veterans Championships  
 Blackheath Park, London 
  1st     9km   LPR 296th Yacht Handicap Walk  
 New Marske, Cleveland 
      25 mile   Lindrick 25 Miles  
 Ourense, SPAIN 
      5km   Campeonato De Espana De Clubs  
 Saverne, FRANCE 
      10km   Champ. Alsace De Marche  
      5km   Champ. Alsace De Marche